Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 272: Sunset sands

It wasn't until 3:30 pm that I ventured outside looking for today's photo. I walked through the drizzle, wondering what I could capture on such a dull day. A few water drops on tree branches distracted me for a few minutes, where I was able to photograph the carillon imaged in a droplet, with the tower forming the backdrop to the picture. That was going to be my photo, when I noticed that the drizzle had stopped. Looking up I saw a golden band low in the sky, and the clouds were breaking up. I turned and walked quickly to the rose garden, then onto the MoA grounds to see if something was catching this latest of late afternoon light. Sure enough, one of the totem poles was lit brilliantly by the sun but by now I could see that if I really wanted to catch the light I had to descend to the beach. I trotted down the steps as quickly as I could, and emerged onto the pebbly beach bathed in the most gorgeous golden light. I sized up a few shots, but I was drawn to the beach itself in particular. The low sun was casting long shadows from even the smallest rock, and shielding the sun from the camera as best I could, I took a few beach shots. This one turned out perfectly. Two fabulous sunsets in two days!

Within five minutes of reaching the beach, the sun had set. All that remained was for me to retrace the 400 steps back up to the campus...

Sunset sands
Tower Beach, 19 Dec 2011

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